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Shannon Dickie has a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Guelph with a major in Studio Art and minor in Art History. In her oil paintings, she explores society's interactions with digital media. In 2010, she was awarded the Best Student Painter award at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition. She has been featured in national publications including the September 2012 issue of Canadian House and Home Magazine, and the new Visual Art high school textbook, Art Works. Shannon maintains an active studio practice and has shown in galleries in Guelph, Kitchener, Hamilton, and Toronto. She has worked as an Artist Educator at the Art Gallery of Ontario and is presently teaching art at an independent school in downtown Toronto.

Shannon is participating in the Artist Project at the Better Living Centre in Toronto's Exhibition Place. The show runs from February 19-22. Find her at Booth 117 and watch her paint live Friday February 20th at the Art Battle


Artist Statement
Written by Mary Kim

Nostalgia colours our memories. Through dispersed light or saturation of colour, we come to a memory with intensity of feeling and emotion; memory is never isolated, nor static. Nostalgia plays a role in our digital world too – today, with the phenomenon that is Instagram, we are now able to create instant nostalgia, with a choice of retro colours, hues, tone and texture through which we can view those captured moments.

But if nostalgia determines the lens through which we look back, the act of Reflection is the vehicle by which we come to make meaning of those moments in our lives.

Shannon Dickie’s first solo exhibition, REFLECTION, investigates our relationship to memory by capturing the moments between our ever-shifting memories. Shannon is drawn to moments in motion. Through the investigation of digitally-captured moving images, and her unique technique of the blur, she implies the motion of the subject figure and associates the transience of digital imagery with a faded/fading memory. Shannon works in a place in between places, somewhere between reality and memory; her paintings lie between realism and abstraction. Taken from family archival footage from the 1960’s, Shannon invites the viewer to interpret these works through the schema that informs his/her own Reflection of moments and movements in time.

From the Artist: “I find my inspiration from moving images. Static photographs aren’t as clear or interesting to me. There is something about the ambiguity of the images that I choose which allow the viewer to make their own meaning of the moment. I don’t want the audience to be attached to my meaning, but rather engage in a dialogue of what the work represents to them, which is important to me as an artist and an artist educator.”

shannondickieart@gmail.com | (647) 969-5197